ADMISSION OPEN FOR 2022 - 2023; CONTACT: 9788806815, 9500564940

    E-content is a very powerful tool of education. It is valuable to the learners and also helpful to teachers of all individual instruction system. It is the latest method of instruction that has attracted more attention to gather with the concept of models.

Available E-Content Development Facilities are:

  1. 1.Media Centre
  2. 2.Audio Video Centre
  3. 3.Lecture Capturing System (LCS)
  4. 4.Mixing Equipments
  5. 5.Softwares for Editing

E- Content Developed -Video Links

S.No Name of the Teacher Name of the Module Developed Link to the Relevant Document and Facility Available in the Institution
1 Ms.J.Kalaiselvi Mathematics for Competitive Examination-I H.C.F and L.C.M of Numbers https://youtu.be/3TB5gZc7owc
2 Ms.V.Divya Values of Role Play https://youtu.be/05cDPtit6lw
3 Ms.Kowsalya Aptitude Class: Type of Aptitude Tests https://youtu.be/zgM8wNrxhRY
4 Ms.L.Dharani Priya Introduction of Accounting https://youtu.be/W8F3ReE6Q-s
5 Ms.K.Nishanthini Introduction of Accounting https://youtu.be/-ij7j6Ok5x0
6 Mrs.A.Nivetha C Programming https://youtu.be/QxpR4LE9tqc
7 Mrs.B.Sindhuja Ordinary Differential Equation https://youtu.be/1dYZO_Jg8Gk
8 Mrs.T.Shanmugapriya Degrees of Comparison https://youtu.be/glGt-_KSWi4
9 Mr.S.Kanagaraj Environmental Science : Suilnilai Mandalam https://youtu.be/ww0mEkP2Vyg
10 Ms.A.Mohanambal Visual Basic https://youtu.be/emwfsviewLs
11 Mrs.Madhubala Altering an Existing Table https://youtu.be/9H5GVnPmN4w
12 Mrs.P.Pavithra Cost Accounting https://youtu.be/QUfGQ6CrM2Y
13 Ms.Uma Maheswari Function of Inventory https://youtu.be/Vsc2sm_0j7g
14 Mr.R.Lalitha Transportation Problems https://youtu.be/pPuySB8U0-s
15 Dr.N.Priyadharshini Introduction and Concept of Income Tax https://youtu.be/8wNJf_r8MsA
16 Mrs.Sindhu Topic in CPM & PERT https://youtu.be/W6k7B7TounE