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About the Department

    The Department of Computer Applications was started in the academic year 2000 – 2001. The Department is well established with modern computer laboratories and Internet facilities. The Department offers the Bachelor of Computer Applications Programme. The Programme consists of six semesters and has a large scope for undergraduates as most industries require computer applications and experts for a smooth run of their business. Moving inside, conventional lecture classes, tutorials, and practical-based learning help students to understand and pursue their carrier in computer application and information systems. The Department provides domain knowledge in Databases, High level programming languages and portable applications through well framed syllabus. The Department actively involves itself in various innovative academic enrichments, student care programmes and extension activities.


    To evolve as a centre of excellence in the field of Computer Applications by developing technically competent professionals with ethical values and sound knowledge to cater to the requirements of the industry.


  • To prepare committed technocrafts with adequate knowledge and skills through quality education.

  • To enrich the technical knowledge of the students in diversified areas of Computer Applications.

  • To imbibe latest knowledge with technical transformation by collaborating with industry.

  • To produce Computer professionals with all round leadership as outlook for social welfare and a concern for environmental protection.

  • Imparting a quality education through a well designed curriculum in tune with the challenging software needs of the industry.

  • Providing facilities to generate knowledge and develop applications in the thrust areas of Computer Applications.

Objectives of the Department

  • To strive for continuous improvement in practical skills to address problems, which arise from computing systems and applications and the quality of its services.

  • To empower the students in technical, soft skills and developments of self confidence so as to enable them to complete for global jobs.

  • To strengthen the learning resources on ongoing basis to meet the requirements of the curriculum.

  • To carry out required analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems, and computing applications.

  • Develops a balanced blend of current market requirements into teaching pedagogy that advances current knowledge within our academic discipline to meet market challenges.

Course Offered, Duration, Intake, Eligibility and Fee Structure

Bachelor of Computer Applications

Duration : 3 Years
Intake : 60 No’s
Eligibility : Passed in HSc.
Fee Structure : Tuition Fee : Rs.18000/ Sem
       Special Fee : Rs.1000/ Sem


Assistant Professor
Exp : 3 Years
Mrs.K.Tharani MSc.,MPhil.,
Assistant Professor
Exp : 2 Years
Mrs.S.Narmadha MCA., MPhil., (PhD)
Assistant Professor & HoD
Exp : 6 Years
Mrs.C.Bathma MSc., MPhil
Assistant Professor & HoD
Exp : 4 Years


Department Activities

Academic Activities for the Year 2016-2017

S.No Date Activities
1 18.08.2016 Inauguration of Association - TECH HORNET
2 02.01.2017 - 12.01.2017 Value Added Courses on “Internet and E-Mail”
3 06.01.2017Seminar on Preparation for Placement

Academic Activities for the Year 2017-2018

S.No Date Activities
1 20.07.2017 Inauguration of Department Association & a Guest lecture on ”Campus to Corporate”
2 04.08.2017 Guest Lecture on Cloud Computing
3 21.08.2017 Intra department Competitions (Paper Presentation, Movie Making Logo Identification, Students Activity)
4 11.09.2017 Personality Development Programme “How to groom yourself”
5 03.01.2018 to 13.01.2018 Value Added Courses on “Office Automation”

Academic Activities for the Year 2018-2019

S.No Date Activities
1 26.6.2018 to 2.7.2018 Bridge Course for Ist Year Students
2 16.08.2018Inauguration of Department Association and a Guest Lecture on “Current Trends in IT Sector”.
3 28.08.2018Personality Development and Career Guidance Programme
4 17.09.2018Value Based Programme on the topic Art Of Living
5 24.09.2018Guest Lecture on the topic Big Data Analytics
6 12.02.2019 Workshop on the topic Internet of Things
7 22.02.2019 Intra-department Symposium SCIENTIA 2019
8 15.03.2019 Valedictory Function

Academic Activities for the Year 2019-2020

S.No Date Activities
1 20.06.2019 Bridge Course for I Year UG Students
2 20.08.2019Inauguration of Science Association SCIENTIA 2019 & Guest Lecture on Effective usage of Social Media & Corporate Expectation from the Fresher’s
3 13.09.2019Workshop on Scripting Language
4 29.09.2019Guest Lecture on Personality Development Programme
5 03.10.2019Value Based Programme on Professional Ethics and Social Values
6 09.12.2019 to 19.12.2019Value Added Courses on Animations
7 27.2.2020 National Level Technical Symposium WIZARUZ 2020
8 05.03.2020National Level Seminar on Data Science and Cyber Security
10 15.05.2020 Webinar on Doom in Palm - Hidden Threats of Mobile Usage
11 16.05.2020Webinar on Basics of Data Analytics
12 18.05.2020Webinar on Introduction about Big data and Analytics Applications
13 19.05.2020 Webinar on “Writing an Effective Research Paper means and Methods using LaTeX
14 20.05.2020Webinar on “Internet of Things”

Academic Activities for the Year 2020-2021

S.No Month Activities
1 06.09.2020 Students Induction Programme: Day 1

Inaugural function

2 07.09.2020Students Induction Programme: Day 2

Roadmap for fresher

3 08.09.20203 08.09.2020 Students Induction Programme: Day 3

Vetri un Kaiyil

4 09.09.2020Students Induction Programme: Day 4

Career Guidance Programme

5 10.09.2020Students Induction Programme: Day 5

The Importance of Confidence and Leadership

6 11.09.2020Bridge course for First year UG students
7 25.11.2020 to 15.12.2020Certificate Course on Python with Mysql

Academic Activities for the Year 2020-2021

S.No Date Activities
1 08.10.2021 Fresher’s Day
2 13.10.2021Ayutha Pooja Celebration

3 23.11.2021Professional Ethics for Self Exposure in Real Tech Battle
4 27.12.2021Inauguration of Science Stream Association and Seminar on “Recent Technological Challenges”
5 17.02.2022National Life Seminar on Daily Life and Data Science
6 10.03.2022 to 12.03.2022Industrial Visit
7 20.04.2022Farewell Party
8 21.02.2022 to 25.02.2022Certificate Course on Python Programming

Extension Activities

S.No Date Event
1 25.09.2019 Extension Activity on “PHP Programming” for +2 Students at Thondamuthur Girls HSS, Coimbatore
2 26.09.2019 Extension Activity on “Students Counselling and Career Guidance Programme” for +2 students at Thadagam Girls HSS, Coimbatore
3 14.10.2019 Extension Activity on “Career Guidance and Life Skill Development Programme” for 9th and 10th Students at Madhampatti Middle School, Coimbatore.
4 10.01.2020 Pongal Celebration 2020 as a CSR Activity for the students of Govt. Middle School, Viraliyur.
5 16.10.2018 Extension Activity on the topic “Carrer Opportunities in Science & Commerce” at GVG Matriculation Higher Secondary School,Udumalpet.
6 24.10.2018Extension Activity on the topic “Job Opportunities in Commerce” at Keerthiman Matric Higher Secondary School,Coimbatore.
7 26.10.2018 Extension Activity on the topic “Carrer Opportunities in Science & Commerce” at Thadagam Boys Higher Secondary School,Coimbatore.
8 13.11.2018 Extension Activity on the topic “ HTML Programming” at Govt Girls Higher Secondary School,Thondamuthur.
9 11.01.2019 Organized Pongal Celebration at Government Boys Higher Secondary School,R.S Puram,Coimbatore.
10 14.11.2017Training was given on the topic “Star Office & C++ Programming” to Government Boys Higher Secondary School,R.S.Puram,Coimbatore.
11 15.11.2017Training was given on the topic “Star Office & HTML” to Government Boys Higher Secondary School, R.S.Puram,Coimbatore.
12 17.11.2017 Training was given on the topic “Awarness on Higher Education” to Government Girls Higher Secondary School,Thondamuthur,Coimbatore.
1 Jan 2023 Extension activity on “Gender Sensitization and Equity in Schools”

Proposed Activities

S.No Month & Year ACTIVITIES
1 August 2021 Inauguration of Science Association SCIENTIA 2021 and Guest Lecture on Recent Technological Challenges.
2 September 2021 Internship for II Year UG.
3 September 2021National Level Seminar on “Cloud Computing and Big Data”
4 December 2021 Skill Development Workshop on “Angular and React”
5 December 2021Seven Days online Webinar on "Data Science Careers Shaping the Future"
6 January 2022Skill Development Programme -“DTP and Print Publishing”.
7 January 2022 Guest Lecture on “5G Technologies”
8 February 2022Skill Development Programme on “Machine Learning Concepts and Applications”
9 February 2022Intra Department Competitions.
10 February 2022Value added Course on “Android Applications”.
S.No Month & Year ACTIVITIES
1 Aug 2022 Bridge course in Computer Science
2 Aug 2022 Inauguration of Student Association SCIENTIA 2022 and Guest Lecture on Recent Technological Challenges
3 Aug 2022 Interdepartmental Competition on Debugging
4 Aug 2022 Skill Development programme on “ Technical Documentation”
5 Sep 2022 Entrepreneur Development Programme on “MS power BI”
6 Sep 2022 Value Based Course on “Data Ethics”
7 Sep 2022 Personality Development Programmee “Self Discipline in Learning”
8 Sep 2022 National Conference on “Current Trends in Mobile Computing and Communications”
9 Oct 2022 Industrial Visit
10 Oct 2022 Online Certificate Course on “Bootstrap v5.0”
11 Nov 2022 Professional Development Programme on “Blended Learning in Core”
12 Dec 2022 Workshop on Skill Development Programme for “Angular and React”
13 Dec 2022 Job Oriented Course on “Data Science”
14 Dec 2022 One Day Workshop on “GitHub”
15 Dec 2022 National Energy Conservation Day - Student In-House Project for energy conservation: Smart Notice board / Painting competition for Energy Conservation
16 Jan 2023 Skill Development Programme -“DTP and Print Publishing”
17 Jan 2023 Value Added course on “Search Engine optimization”
18 Jan 2023 Seminar in Trends in Technology for “Data Privacy” in commemoration of Data Privacy Day
19 April/May 2023 Internship on “Cyber Security”

Programme Educational Objectives and Programme Outcome

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1: Possess technical expertise, excel in communication skills and leadership qualities to manage diverse business environment.

PEO2: Employ technical skills to solve societal and environmental issues in an ethical manner.

PEO3: Develop software solutions to problems across a broad range of application domains through analysis and design.

PEO4: Graduates will take up higher education and/or be associated with the field so that they can keep themselves abreast of the latest trends.

Programme Outcomes

After completion of three years of study, our BCA Graduates will be able to :

PO1: Communicate effectively and present technical information lucidly in oral and written reports.

PO2: Acquire adequate knowledge in specified formatting so as to build up capabilities of working programs for solving complex problems.

PO3: Develop an ability to select modern computing tools & techniques appropriate to the context & use them with dexterity.

PO4: Acquire adequate knowledge in inter -Disciplinary subjects such as commerce, mathematics & statistics so as to make use of them for understanding complex concepts.

PO5: Designing programmes to develop the self confidence & hence to make the students to think & act positively.

PO6: Create and design innovative methodologies to solve complex problems for the betterment of the society.

PO7: Function effectively both as a team leader and team member on multi disciplinary projects to demonstrate computing and management skills.

PO8: Developing ability to execute a fast with professional ethics without sacrificing the concern for social welfare and environmental protection.

PO9: Make the students understand their own strengths and weakness & be emotionally balanced at times of crisis.

PO10: Apply the skill acquired to become successful entrepreneurs.

PO11: Motivating the students to have a linking for learning so as to be up to date in the recent developments & hence to make them life long learners.